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Mortgage Payment Holiday

Should I ask for a mortgage payment holiday?

Should I ask for a mortgage payment holiday?

Jane Riley, Partner and Head of Residential Property at Kerseys.

Consider All Your Options

More than 1.2 million home owners have already been given a mortgage payment holiday by their lenders.

That is equivalent to 1 in 9 households having their mortgage payments deferred to for up to 3 months because their finances have been affected by COVID-19.

Although it has been confirmed that this will not affect your credit rating, there has been some concern expressed by brokers that it could make you less desirable as a borrower particularly if you were planning to re-mortgage with a new lender, or take out a new loan.

Individual lenders are ultimately free to decide who they wish to lend to and a request for a payment holiday on an existing loan, could mean that your application is automatically declined.

When a mortgage payment holiday ends, your mortgage payments will be recalculated and will likely increase as a result of the previous payments having been added to the mortgage balance.

So even if you have already requested a mortgage payment holiday, you may want to consider other options with your existing lender such as extending your mortgage term, or switching to an interest only mortgage.


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