Family Relationships & Divorce

Family and Relationships

Kerseys’ Family Law Department is a team of experienced and sympathetic people dedicated to helping clients – whether married or unmarried – through serious family troubles. The team has many years of experience in acting for clients in difficult matrimonial cases and child care proceedings.

We can help you through the most delicate and emotionally upsetting of family problems with sensitivity coupled with practical efficiency.

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At Kerseys we realise that it can be difficult to take time off work to attend appointments, which is why our Family Department is open on the first Saturday of each month!

The way we work

Fair, acceptable settlement through negotiation is always the preferred solution, to save you stress and expense. If that’s not possible, then we will fight your case strongly through the courts.

We encourage you to gather as much relevant information and documentation as you can, in order to lessen your costs. Our initial advice will include assessing whether you can handle the case, or elements of it, yourself. It’s another potential way you can contain expense.

We prefer to give you a firm quotation of costs upfront. If that isn’t possible in your case, we will explain why.

We can help in all cases involving children – from advice to full representation in legal proceedings. We deal with disputes between parents and cases involving Social Services. We have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and will offer Legal Aid when it is available.

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