Divorce in a nutshell

Divorce in a Nutshell

Divorce in a Nutshell

Q. Can I get a divorce?
A. Probably, if you’ve been married a year

Q. Can my spouse defend the divorce?
A. Yes, but defended divorces are not common

Q. Can I avoid saying anything horrible in the divorce petition?
A. Yes, you could divorce based upon separation over a qualifying period

Q. When I get my decree absolute am I divorced?
A. Yes, once you have decree absolute you can re-marry

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Spousal Maintenance on Divorce (in a nutshell)

Q. Is it available?
A. Yes, the court can make this order if your circumstances warrant it

Q. Will it be paid for the rest of my life?
A. Probably not, no, but it depends

Q. Will I get it whilst my children are small?
A. Probably yes, if you need it and your ex-spouse can afford it

Q. Do I need to get a job?
A. Probably yes, you are expected to make the transition to independence as soon as possible

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