We understand that the breakdown of a marriage is a highly stressful and emotional time. If you need to talk to a solicitor about a divorce, we would be happy to help and advise you at any point throughout the process. Talking to an experienced solicitor can be invaluable, providing reliable and practical advice and support at a difficult time.

What is a divorce?

Divorce is the legal process that dissolves a marriage. Once the divorce is finalised, you are no longer married.

How do I get a divorce?

In order to obtain a divorce, the court has to be shown that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. There are five ways of showing this, which are the Respondent’s adultery, the Respondent’s unreasonable behaviour, two years separation with the Respondent’s consent, desertion by the Respondent for a period of two years, and separation for five years.

How do I start?

To start the divorce, a divorce petition has to be completed and issued out of your nearest Regional Divorce Centre. The fee to start proceedings is £550 unless you are eligible for a fee remission (an application has to be made for this). This means you may not have to pay all or part of the court fee.

What happens if there are children?

The court no longer needs to know what arrangements have been made for the children of the family. If there is an issue over the arrangements for the children, parents are expected to resolve these themselves. Preferably any problems will be resolved without the use of court, for example through mediation, but the court can be used when no other option is available.

What else do I need to consider?

Family breakdown is rarely limited to divorce, and the emotional and financial needs of the children and the parties need to be considered.  Further details are provided in the Children, and Financial Settlement section.

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