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I Don’t Like What the Judge Said – Can I Appeal?

Family Courts
I don’t like what the judge said.  Can I appeal?

When deciding on the division of marital assets on divorce there is a band of orders that a court can make all of which would be considered to be reasonable. The judge has the right to make any reasonable decision within that band, provided that this is based on having considered a range of factors such as financial needs and resources. On the plus side this gives the court flexibility, but the downside is that it gives scope for dissatisfaction. This can lead to thoughts of the possibility of appealing. It would, however, be wrong to think that dissatisfaction is a valid reason for appeal.  An appeal is only allowed where a judge has made a wrong decision, such as where they have erred in law or made a factual error, not one where the financial award is within the reasonable range but is not one the party in question likes. The fact is that there is no such thing as perfect justice, or, put another way, the right award is usually the award that neither party likes.

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