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Family Mediation – What Are Your Options

Family Mediation – What Are Your Options?

Family Mediation – What Are Your Options?

There are different types of Mediation as Matt explains below.

Sole Mediation

Is where you, your former partner and the mediator meet in one room to discuss the issues you are dealing with. Sessions are generally between 60 and 90 minutes long and as a rule of thumb it takes between 3-4 sessions for parties to come to an agreement. It can be shorter or slightly longer depending on the complexity of the issues

Shuttle Mediation

Is the second most common type of mediation. This is when you and your former partner do not or cannot be in the same room together. In such situations, the mediator will go between two rooms to carry out discussions. It is very helpful for people who have been in a volatile relationship in the past and personal safety may be a worry. One disadvantage of shuttle mediation is the increased time it takes to carry out discussion and as a result, the costs are often a little more.


Is when there are two mediators in the room. This can be advantageous when there is a high level of conflict between the two people or where the issues are complex or requires a specialist.

Child Consultations

Sometimes if a child is old enough, it can be good to have input from them. These types of mediation are highly specialized the mediator will need to have the requisite qualification before this type of mediation can be attempted. Parental authority from both is always needed to carry out child consultations

If you require any further advice or would like to discuss your options with regard to mediation please do not hesitate to contact Matt Clemence at [email protected] or telephone Colchester 01206 584584 where Matt will be happy to speak with you.

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