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The Strange World of Family Law – Would you Believe It…

A family court judge came across 28 separate divorce petitions that all contained the same allegations of unreasonable behavior. Needless to say the court threw them out and the firm in question was reprimanded. We are so glad that the existing divorce law is being thrown out as well on 6th April 2021 when the new ‘no fault’ divorce law is being brought in. Gone will be the days of slinging mud in order to get a  divorce. From 6th April 2022 either spouse or both will be able to petition the court for divorce without blaming the other and provided they wait out a total period of 26 weeks the court will divorce them.   Quite honestly, we are thrilled to see the back of the antiquated system that forces already distressed couples to go through even more trauma just to live apart from each other.

Kerseys Family Law Solicitors offers tailored-made solutions for divorcing and separating couples. Whilst our standard working day is 9.00am to 17.15pm, our Family Lawyers are flexible to support your needs and will if possible arrange out of hours online appointments for you, visit our web site and click “Call Me Back” to request a free call back or telephone us on Ipswich 01473 213311 or Colchester 01206 584584 or email us at [email protected]


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