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Remember Hedgehogs When Reinstating Fencing

You may be having to replace fencing after Storm Eunice and Franklin but please remember the hedgehog when doing so.

According to recent research by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, the population of hedgehogs in rural Britain is continuing a steep decline with numbers down by 30% to 75% since 2000.

In towns and cities though hedgehog populations are starting to recover.

Hedgehogs can travel about one mile (1.6km) every night but remember to leave a gap of 13cm or 5 inches (a CD case sized gap) to allow hedgehogs to roam between gardens and green spaces forming a hedgehog highway.

How can you make your garden hedgehog-friendly

  • Make sure your garden is connected – with gaps in any fences – so hedgehogs can move between green spaces
  • Leave a corner of your garden “wild”
  • Check hedges and undergrowth before strimming or clipping
  • Make a home for hedgehogs to hibernate
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