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When a relationship breaks down, communication is key

Relationship breaks down

When a relationship breaks down, communication is key

When faced with a relationship breakdown, many may turn to family and friends for advice and hopefully they will encourage the party to seek specialist legal advice from an experienced family law solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity. Dealing with solicitors can feel intimidating, especially if this is the first experience someone has had with the legal system and when we factor in that we are dealing with a very emotive subject.

The first letter anyone receives from a solicitor in these circumstances is so important. That letter will bring with it the emotion and realisation that the relationship is over, there is unlikely to be any reconciliation and that letter that may well set the tone for how each party is likely to deal with all of the issues surrounding the separation.  If that letter is of a calm nature, setting out practical steps to be taken and acknowledging that the situation is difficult for everyone to bear, it is likely both parties can move forward in an amicable fashion. It is also likely that the solicitor writing the letter will be a member of Resolution.

Resolution is a professional family law body designed to encourage its members to abide by the Resolution Code of Practice (www.resolution.org.uk).  Any Resolution member should be focused on making sure that the contents of their first initial letter aims to help resolve the issues and to open up some constructive dialogue. There should not be any confrontational language and the letter itself should be approved by the client before being sent out to the other party.

Unfortunately, not all family solicitors are members of Resolution so it is possible that the first initial letter could be aggressive and/or dismissive of the recipient’s parenting skills or suggest they have been financially irresponsible or reckless. If someone is on the receiving end of this type of letter, the first step is to take several deep breaths, try not to take it personally and to avoid if possible taking any knee-jerk reaction. The second is to then pick up the phone and get legal advice from a family solicitor who is a member of Resolution. Part of the job of a solicitor is using their skills to respond on behalf of the client and to help with reason and logic whilst being supportive as the client processes their emotions.

At Kerseys our experienced family law solicitors can help you to tackle the emotional impact associated with relationship breakdown. We work with you to agree a bespoke plan of action with the aim of keeping communication with your partner open, especially if there are children involved. We can also address the contents of the initial solicitor letter you have received and advise on the best way to respond. Contact us today to find out more about our initial consultation process and how we can help.

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