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McDonald’s Sex Abuse Scandal - Use HR Services

McDonald’s Sex Abuse Scandal

McDonald’s Sex Abuse Scandal

Ensure your Employees are Protected

With the recent announcement by the BBC following an investigation into the McDonald’s sex abuse scandal, with the MP reporting the claims of sexual assault, harassment, racism and bullying by current and recent UK staff from the fast-food chain were “some of the most appalling” he had seen.

Employees should be made to feel comfortable at work, whether that be in the office or working remotely and clearly these shocking and serious claims provide examples of behaviour that should not be tolerated within your organisation.

What can you do?

Anyone who harasses, victimises or discriminates against someone at work is responsible for their actions. However, employers can be responsible too and you should be aware of the protections you should have in place.

Don’t fall short as an employer. When serious allegations are raised, ensure your employees have a support line as some employees may feel that they cannot speak to an internal manager through fear of reprisal.

Using an external HR Service can help to resolve these issues for your business, allowing you to focus on running your business as your external HR provider will manage and assist on any Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination and Victimisation claims. It will provide peace of mind by ensuring your business is following the correct up to date legal processes and has the correct policies in place to protect your company from legal and reputational damage.

As a business the quality of your product and services is key to success, however the employees feeling comfortable is also key to the successful running and reputation for your business – don’t fall short and get complacent.

Kerseys Solicitors HR Services team are experts in managing HR services for you business, whether that be a support line for your employees, supporting your HR administrators and managing investigations, preparation of your staff handbook and contracts of employment, appraisals along with termination processes.

Consider these points below:-

  • Don’t get caught out – follow up to date policies, procedures and investigate thoroughly with Kersey’s HR Professionals.
  • Remove stress –investigate concerns fairly and as soon as possible before witness’s memories begin to fade.
  • Increase confidence with your employees – ensure you are the employer they want to work for and don’t put your reputation at risk.
  • Ensure your employees are comfortable – leave any personal feelings to one side and listen to your employees. Giving them the confidence to raise any issues and providing help and assistance in order to prevent unacceptable behaviour within the workplace will ensure your employees feel supported. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Create an enjoyable working environment. The culture you create will attract the talent you want to keep.
  • You must follow your legal handbook and policies – they are not just for show and help to keep your business safe from an employment tribunal.

How can Kerseys Solicitors help

 If your business requires HR assistance, please contact Annalie King, Head of our Employment Team or Rosie Brighty Employment Paralegal at Kerseys Solicitors in Ipswich 01473 213311 or Kerseys Solicitors in Colchester 01206 584584 or email [email protected].

Kerseys Solicitors are just a click away visit our website and click “Call Me Back” and a member of our employment team will be happy to contact you at a time that is convenient to you.

You can read the BBC’s report here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-66231412

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