What is Legal Expenses Insurance and How Can it Help You?

What is Legal Expenses Insurance and How Can it Help You?

If you are considering bringing a claim against your employer or former employer but you are hesitating because you don’t think you can afford it; then don’t worry, help may be at hand. It is possible that you may have Legal Expenses Insurance (“LEI”) that will fund a case for you.

Legal Expense Insurance

LEI may cover your legal costs up to the policy limit (typically £25,000 to £50,000). Policies will usually fund the cost of legal advice and assistance in preparing your case, the cost of any experts needed as well as the cost of representation at a hearing.

If you have LEI, it will normally cover claims involving:

  • wrongful dismissal;
  • unfair dismissal;
  • harassment and discrimination;
  • breach of contract;
  • equal pay; and
  • whistleblowing.

If you do have LEI and you want to bring a claim, you are going to need to choose a solicitor. Your insurer may want you to instruct a firm of solicitors from its own panel of solicitors. But, you don’t have to use their solicitor. You have the freedom to select your own solicitor. Therefore, we can act for you under your LEI. We are experienced in dealing with insurance-backed claims which means we will be able to help you get the most out of your claim.

You may have LEI without even knowing about it. It can typically be found attached to building or contents insurance policies; bank accounts and credit cards. Sometimes you may need to add it as a separate bolt-on, but in a lot of cases it is included as a matter of course without you even having to opt-in or pay extra for it. As a result, it is always worthwhile you checking with your insurer and bank to see whether you do have LEI.

If you find that you do have LEI then please call us and we can talk you through the next steps.