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Kardashian Pre-Nuptial Agreement Pays Off

Kardashian Pre-Nuptial Agreement Pays Off

Kim Kardashian Pre-Nuptial Agreement Pays Off

Kim Kardashian has officially reached dollar billionaire status according to Forbes.

We imagine she is glad that she and divorcing husband Kanye West entered into a pre-nuptial agreement before their marriage.

This will have set out what each party is entitled to and we know that neither is going to pay the other spousal maintenance.

Pre-nuptial agreements carry increasing weight in the UK.

If you are getting married and want a pre-nuptial agreement our qualified family solicitors are able to help but you need to make sure that you think about this well in advance of your big day.

It is very important that both parties feel that they have had time to consider carefully what they are being asked to do and sign of their own free will.

We recommend that you start the process with us at least three months in advance of your wedding but the sooner the better. For advice on pre-nuptial agreements or spousal maintenance issues Kerseys are here to help.

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