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Coronavirus and the Family Courts

Coronavirus and the Family Courts

Coronavirus and the Family Courts

Divorce and separation are naturally very stressful.

There can be any number of important appointments, court hearings and meetings with professionals.

  • Perhaps you have a vital court hearing to attend to sort out your finances?
  • Perhaps the judge is going to decide this week how often you can see your children or even whether you can see them at all?
  • Maybe you’ve been awarded much longed for contact in a contact centre and have to be there on a certain date at a particular time?

What should you do if you are forced to self-isolate or become ill with coronavirus and simply cannot attend?

What you should do if you get Coronavirus

  • Communicate to the right person what has happened.
  • Do not fail to turn up.
  • If you have a solicitor and it’s during their working hours telephone your solicitor. He/she will organise making sure the right people know.
  • If it is out of working hours and you are due at a Contact Centre, telephone the centre as soon as possible. There is huge pressure on contact places and the centre might be able to offer the slot to another family.
  • If you have not got a solicitor, telephone the court.

You can find the number on your court papers or visit https://courttribunalfinder.service.gov.uk/search/. The switchboard operator will take a message and pass it on to the correct person.

If you are able to do so get a medical professional to write a note to say what was wrong and supply that.

If you speak to NHS 111 for advice there will be a recorded log of your call. https://111.nhs.uk/PWCorona/c6bda004-f3d0-4673-82f6-a92710c17ff1/COVID-19/about.

If you cannot see or speak to a health professional then telephoning your solicitor/court/contact centre to say you are unwell is better than leaving others to wonder where you were and whether you cared enough to turn up.

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