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Corporate and Commercial Law

There are always challenges in business, and only some of them are legal.  Most in fact are commercial, and most involve change. Everything changes: times change, markets change, and the expectations of customers and suppliers change too.  And with every change there are both risks to be managed, but also hopefully opportunities to be seized.  Being successful means reacting to those changes, and often knowing when you need help to do so.

As trusted advisers our Corporate and Commercial team works with clients to help them meet the challenges change brings.  It means we work with both businesses and their owners.  It involves helping businesses on the commercial relationships they are getting, but also advising owners themselves on questions around their ownership and the way their businesses are managed.  Both are key.

We have particular experience with:

  • Business Sales and Purchases
  • Management Buyouts
  • Business Start Ups
  • Exits, Retirement and Restructuring
  • Banking and Finance
  • Partnership and LLP’s
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Intellectual Property and IT
  • Distribution Agreement and Other Business Contracts

We have worked with many of our clients for many years, but always enjoy meeting new ones.  We as your Commercial Lawyers are here to listen, to understand and to help and become a part of your business.

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Corporate Commercial FAQs

What is corporate law?

Corporate law is to do with companies. It is about how they are controlled and run. But Corporate Law is also about how companies are bought and sold and financed. In one way or another a lot of our work comes down to how people put money into a business and how they get money out.

What is commercial law?

Commercial law is to do with the things companies (and sometime individuals) do in business. Above all it’s about contracts: about buying things and about selling things, and about the terms – the contracts – on which they do so. Sometimes the things bought and sold are stuff, but often it is services of various kinds. In one way or another a lot of our commercial work comes down to helping clients to identify business risks (and hopefully opportunities) and working out how to deal with them.

What is a shareholder agreement and why might I need one?

Shareholder agreements are contracts between the shareholders in a company. Usually a shareholders agreement involves all the shareholders of the company, but it doesn’t need to.

Every company has a constitution – the company’s articles of association – but a shareholder agreement will supplement this. What the shareholder agreement says will depend on the circumstances, but usually one of the main issues to be covered is around how the company is to be run, how decisions are to be taken and ultimately who controls it. A shareholder agreement may also cover things like the transfer of shares.

What is a partnership agreement and why might I need one?

If you are going into business with someone else, or indeed several other people, and you are not forming a company together, the chances are you are in a partnership with them.

Partnership agreements formalise the arrangements between the partners in a business. They cover things like how decisions will be made, how accounts will be kept, how profits will be shared and what will happen if one of you wants to leave. Agreeing these things will hopefully give your business a stable foundation and help to avoid disputes arising in the future.

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