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Making a Will

You may have thought about making a Will from time to time but put it off. You may think you are too young to have need of a Will or you may think you are not rich enough to need one.

This could be a mistake. Accidents can happen and you may be worth more than you think, especially if you own a house, a car, have savings, a life insurance policy or pension fund rights. But even if all your assets are relatively modest, you should still decide now who you want to leave them to.

How much does a Will cost?


Why Make a Will?

Why make a Will?

Many people think that if they do not make a Will the whole of their estate will automatically go to their wife/husband. This is not always the case as in the absence of a Will certain strict rules as to the division of your estate may have to be applied which can result in your wife/husband failing to receive all that you leave. It is especially important for unmarried couples to make Wills, otherwise your partner could lose out.

The best time to make a will is when you are healthy, relaxed and clear sighted. A will is not a death warrant. It is a common sense way of ensuring your family really benefits from everything you leave in the way that you want.

It is important to review your will every couple of years or so to make sure it is up to date, particularly if your circumstances change i.e. you marry, get divorced, you start a family or your estate increases perhaps because of a windfall.

Why you need a Will?

You need a Will to carry out your wishes. We will prepare it for you and will give you all the advice and assistance you need. One of our trained and experienced staff will give you impartial advice on the appointment of your Executors, the costs involved and any tax matters.

Tax advice is well worth taking and sooner rather than later. Action taken early on can often mean more money for your family and less for the taxman.

If you would like us to make a Will for you it would be helpful if we had a meeting to discuss the matter. This would normally be in our offices but if it is difficult for you to leave your home we will come and visit you.

Information Required to Make a Will

The following information is required in order to make a Will:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your permanent address and telephone number.
  3. Who are to be your executors? This needs careful thought as the work involved can be both demanding and time consuming. We would be willing to act if you wish.
  4. Do you want to make known in your Will any wishes with regard to funeral, burial or cremation?
  5. If you have young children, who are to be their guardians in the event of the deaths of both yourself and your spouse/partner?
  6. Do you wish to make any small gifts of cash or personal items?
  7. Do you wish your spouse/partner to receive the major part if not all of your assets?
  8. If the answer to 7 is “no”, who is/are to be the main beneficiary/ies?
  9. If you have young children, do you wish them to inherit at 18 or a later age?
  10. You ought to think what is to happen to your assets if the whole family is involved in a fatal accident.
  11. A note of the full names of your spouse/partner, your children/beneficiaries and your executors.

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Download our Wills Leaflet

Download our leaflet in PDF format on making a will here.


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