HR Services

HR Services

Below are a breakdown of the specific areas that we deal with as well as the various matters that we can assist you with.

Human Resources

We help employers with day-to-day HR issues such as:

  • recruitment
  • managing sickness
  • handling of grievances
  • disciplinary matters
  • larger projects such as restructures

Role as an Employer

Kerseys can help you with the process of managing your legal obligations to your employees, from recruitment through to your responsibilities when employees leave. We can guide you through the following areas:

  • Recruiting employees
  • Offer Letters & Employment Contracts
  • Creating a Staff Handbook
  • Managing your employees
  • Restructures, redundancies and business transfers
  • Employees leaving your business
  • Litigation and settlement

Recruiting Employees

We can help you prepare job descriptions and interview questions. This will not only help you attract the ‘right’ employee, but we will also help you avoid the pitfalls of recruitment such as discriminating against a candidate.

We can also help you with your legal obligation of checking a candidate’s legal right to work in the UK.

Offer Letters & Employment Contracts

Once you’ve chosen your new employee, we can prepare and issue an offer letter for you.

We can also draft a contract of employment, which will clearly set out the contractual relationship between you and your employees and ensure that your business is protected if the employee decides to leave.

Staff Handbook

If you haven’t already got a staff handbook, then we can prepare one for you. A handbook will allow you to set out the policies and procedures that you will use to manage your business and employees. It will also let your employees know what is expected of them and how you operate your business.

If you already have a handbook, we can review and update it for you so that it takes account of any changes in the law or best practice.

Managing your Employees

We can help you with any disciplinary or grievance that you may have.

We can offer as much or as little help as you need. Whether you just want to have a quick chat with us about the matter, want our helpful crib sheets and scripts, or you want us to run the whole process for you, we can provide the assistance that you want and need.

We can also help you manage any employee who is off work on sick leave. We will help you to use a strategy and put processes in place that help you reduce the impact of an employee’s sickness on your business.

Our support will make any process as stress free as it can be, whilst also ensuring that you minimise any exposure to a legal claim.

Restructures, Redundancies, and Business Transfers

We can devise, advise on, and implement restructures and redundancy programmes for you. These will allow you to ensure that your business has the right resources going forward. This can include putting in place a fair selection process and a proper consultation process that will ensure you don’t unfairly dismiss any of your employees or discriminate against them.

We can prepare a timeline for you, draft letters to individuals and any collective body, prepare selection criteria, assess any selection you make, prepare crib sheets and scripts for the consultation meetings and deal with any appeals.

If you are selling part or all of your business or buying another business, we can advise you on what you need to do as well as preparing all the necessary documentation, undertaking due diligence and ensuring that you comply with the very specific legal requirements in such a situation.

Employees Leaving

In the event that your relationship with an employee can no longer continue, we can assist you with managing that employee’s exit. This can include arranging an exit interview, preparing a termination letter and advising on, negotiating, preparing and completing a settlement agreement if it is appropriate.

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