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Important Tips When Buying a Property

Moving home can be a very stressful time and there are always things we seem to forget in the process.

There can also be additional costs that you may not have originally taken into account at the start of the process.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas:

  • Whether selling or buying, ensure that you read the water, gas and electric meters on the day of completion so that you are not being charged for what you have not used.
  • Ensure all utility companies and council tax department are made aware of your move and cancel any direct debits.
  • When packing, label each box to make life easier.
  • Defrost your fridge/freezer before the day of completion.

When buying a new build property, there is the luxury of not having to carry out any DIY, you can just put your own ‘personal touch’ to your new home. But there are some important things to remember:

  • Ensure that you register your boiler with the manufacturer for guarantee to be noted.
  • Wheelie bins are often not provided and should be ordered from the local authority, of which there is an additional cost (depending on the area, the cost can vary).
  • Curtains and blinds are often not included (unless a specific agreement has been made with the developer) so it can be useful to measure windows prior to completion to arrange fittings for blinds/curtains.
  • Depending on when construction of the property was completed, it is advisable not to paint or wallpaper any walls for up to 6 months to allow the walls to fully dry. It would be shame to spend time and money on decorating your new home to find one day that your lovely wallpaper is no longer in place. The  site/sales manager will advise when the building was completed.
  • Cracks can appear on the walls to the interior of the property. Ask the site office for a small tin of the paint used to touch up once the property has settled.
  • Buy a door number, otherwise the postman may not know which door to deliver to.
  • Register your address online.
  • Flooring may not be included and can be a substantial additional cost. Shop around to ensure you get the best price. It is worth taking into account that if you do not arrange the flooring through the site office, let your chosen floor layer know that the bottom of the doors  may need to be shaved. Some floor layers may charge extra for this service.
  • Landscaping in the rear garden may not be included and will again be an additional cost for you to consider.

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