Looking for Mediation in a Dispute?

Looking for Mediation in a Dispute?

Anthony Wooding, Managing Partner of Kerseys Solicitors, has joined with David King, a fellow civil mediator, to act as Suffolk representatives for Albert Square Mediation Ltd.

David, who also practices accountancy as Guymer King, is a civil mediator with a particular interest in commercial, finance, tax and also faith issues. He mediates all types of civil dispute.

Anthony mediates all types of civil dispute and like David he does so online.

If you’re looking for Mediation in a dispute, you can contact David and Anthony. Their offices are at 4 Stone Street Court, Stone Street, Hadleigh, IP7 6HY.

David and Anthony offer competitive rates, which also include free use of three rooms at Kerseys offices in Ipswich (typically, mediation requires three rooms: one for each party and one for the mediator) if David and/or Anthony are appointed

To find out more about the dispute mediation services that Anthony and David offer, download the flyer:
Albert Square Mediation in Suffolk