Every Picture Tells a Story

Every Picture Tells a Story

Artists Anthony Wooding and Jenny George are hosting an exhibition of their work at Kerseys’ offices. The opening night was 15 February 2018. The gallery below shows the artwork that is on display in the exhibition.

Contact Anthony on [email protected] or 01473 407109 if you are interested in purchasing any work that has not yet been sold, or is marked as not for sale (NFS). Instalment arrangements are possible by agreement.

Also if you would like any prints of work, including sold work, Anthony can provide a quote based on size and the substrate you require e.g. on paper, or board, or canvas. If you have any commissions inspired by Jenny or Anthony’s work let him know also!

Jenny’s ‘Guardian’ and Anthony’s ‘Arriving in Lesvos’ are available for bids until 30th March 2018 with proceeds to go to the charities shown.

Gallery of Work