Long Lease Possession Claims

Long Lease Possession Claims Obtaining Possession Orders against long leaseholders for unpaid service charges is a ‘legal minefield’ and landlords need to tread carefully to...
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Lose the war, win the battle

Contractual Dispute When there is a contractual dispute, a key question is often whose standard terms and conditions prevail. This is known in the legal...
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Who Has The Last Word?

Who Has The Last Word? A situation has come across my desk over the last few months which is one of those salutary tales, that...
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Same Sex Marriages

The government’s proposals to allow same-sex marriages have polarised opinion on both sides of the argument, some of which opinion has shed more heat than...
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Intestate – Amy Winehouse

Intestate – Amy Winehouse The news has recently reported that Amy Winehouse died without leaving a Will; moreover focusing on her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil not...
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What’s in a Name

What’s in a Name In 2008 a court in New Zealand ordered a child’s first name to be changed because the child feared being “mocked...
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